Charlie and Pam’s memories (c. 1980-1995)

Thank you Charlie and Pam for sharing your wonderful memories.

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We guestimated they owned the boat circa 1980 to 1995

Here is a list of some of the changes/updates/improvements they made
1 Rebuilt Buda engine and added drain tube to pan, and welded a ¾ inch drive
socket to the front of the flywheel to enable the starting of the engine by
cranking it a with a ¾ inch drive ratchet in case of emergency.
2 Removed fuel tanks, cut them open and cleaned the green algae out, welded
them back together and replaced in the boat.
3 Installed new fuel filter system and added a Racor fuel water separator.
4 Rebuilt the steering system and added a provision to connect a tiller on
the rudder shaft in case of emergency.
5 Built and replaced the existing rudder with a balanced rudder.
6 Added a swim step.
7 Removed the chrome trim from the table top and sink area and replace with
raised wood to prevent things from rolling off.
8 Removed the bench at the helm and replaced with it with an adjustable
9 Added a Loran, depth/fish finder, and marine 2way radio.
10 Refastened the bottom.
11 Faired and painted hull above the water line every 5 to 6 years and
painted under the waterline every 2 years with copper base paint and
replaced zincs.
12 Stripped and varnished wood on cabin with 10 coats.
13 Built and attached large cleat on bow and added a roller to help pull the
14 Installed a remote control steering apparatus made from an electric car
window opener.
15 Installed a Dickenson diesel heater.
16 Built seat and cushions in cockpit.
17 Raised cockpit roof and added canvas on sides to close in.
18 Painted interior white over light green. Evidence inside of cabinet doors
showed previous colors had been bright pink, deep turquoise and bright
yellow colors popular in 50’s



First Fotos (Fisk family c. 1953-1968)

Axel’s daughter Yvonne was kind enough to send me these photos which I treasure. She also forwarded captions with information about each photo (Thanks Yvonne!)

The boat was completed in 1953, and the Fisks owned her for about 15 years, which means she was sold around 1968.

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These are not very good copies and I will endeavor to get better ones for the movie, my Winter project that will feature a wonderful song Arlevon by former owner Charlie.

The boat was built in their back yard in Tacoma, and later moved to Gig Harbor when the Fisks moved there in 1962. She was beached for haul outs and  Roy and his dad had to scramble to get the bottom scraped and repainted before the tide came in.

The boat was a modified Chapelle design. with a 6 cylinder gas Norberg. It was so much smaller than the BUDA, Roy slept on a bunk over the engine (and he’s over 6 feet tall!)

Roy had the page in the Chapelle book where his father had sketched over the original design – making her a foot shorter, wider transom, and noting some changes to the hull formula. I will have to take a scanner there and make a copy

The stack was for a wood stove used for heat.

Arlevon got her name from Axel’s daughters Arlene and Yvonne. Arlene, who was much older is the tall blonde on the right in the black and white photo of the ladies on the dock on launch day. Yvonne (much younger) is third from the left.

Arlevon had a sister ship, Youngun, built by Axel’s nephew Jack Young. See the stern view of the two boats side by side.   The Youngun was 24′ and he later built the Youngun II  which was bigger than the Arlevon.

The family went on cruises up to the San Juans, and every weekend she went to Oro Bay on Anderson Island – so Dru, you might take her back there for a visit when you go to the Tacoma Wooden Boat show!!

She was kept at the Tacoma Yacht Club and evidently Axel built a railway for her and hauled her out – so she was dry docked every winter..


A Visit to her New Home

Stopped by on my way home from Victoria and finally located Dru and Arlevon in her new home. What deluxe accommodations! Port Angeles is what marinas used to be – friendly, casual, and all about boats instead of yachts.


She’s protected from the weather but still gets to peek out at the sunshine and her neighbors


What a mansion! After so many years of struggling under the tarps, She’s so happy to be able to breathe again!


Dru has the perfect set up with a workshop in the boathouse right across the dock. I offered to man the sandpaper when he has a work party. Anyone else in?



Axel Roy Fisk

This is so amazing, getting to meet the people in Arlevon’s past. People whose name I’ve known for 15 years – always wondering who they were, what they were like.

Well Tuesday I met Axel Fisk’s son Roy and his lovely wife Edna. Roy is a master shipwright having worked for Foss Tug, Hollywood Boat & Motor Co. and McNeil, the last island prison in the country, where he ran a tug to and from the mainland,  Roy is an incredible craftsman, having built everything from a recumbent bicycle (before they were called recumbent bikes) to a Sand Racer (a wheeled version of an ice boat – reaching 3.5 times wind speed) to a double ended canoe/rowboat/sailboat.  He even built the house we were sitting in!

Roy also makes incredible models, and was generous to give me a flawlessly crafted skiff – complete with oars, teeny oarlocks and collars. I treasure it!


Although retired, Roy still shares his skills and knowledge as a volunteer at the Gig Harbor  Boatshop.

His father Axel, as it turns out was born in 1910 Sweden. During the three years he built the boat under a shed roof in his Tacoma back yard, Roy was in the Navy. His Sister Arlene has passed away. But Yvonne, who is much younger, lives on the East coast and remembers growing up cruising around the Sound on Arlevon and spending summers in Oro Bay in the South Sound.

She sent some outstanding pictures of the boat – my favorite one was her father Axel running his hand along the transom for “One Last Check” before she was launched.

a11 axelI’m working on a movie set to “Arlevon” – a really cool song by another former owner, Charlie Rhubart…so stay tuned.

Meanwhile.. Thank you Roy and Edna for a lovely afternoon and hope to see you again!