Axel Roy Fisk

This is so amazing, getting to meet the people in Arlevon’s past. People whose name I’ve known for 15 years – always wondering who they were, what they were like.

Well Tuesday I met Axel Fisk’s son Roy and his lovely wife Edna. Roy is a master shipwright having worked for Foss Tug, Hollywood Boat & Motor Co. and McNeil, the last island prison in the country, where he ran a tug to and from the mainland,  Roy is an incredible craftsman, having built everything from a recumbent bicycle (before they were called recumbent bikes) to a Sand Racer (a wheeled version of an ice boat – reaching 3.5 times wind speed) to a double ended canoe/rowboat/sailboat.  He even built the house we were sitting in!

Roy also makes incredible models, and was generous to give me a flawlessly crafted skiff – complete with oars, teeny oarlocks and collars. I treasure it!


Although retired, Roy still shares his skills and knowledge as a volunteer at the Gig Harbor  Boatshop.

His father Axel, as it turns out was born in 1910 Sweden. During the three years he built the boat under a shed roof in his Tacoma back yard, Roy was in the Navy. His Sister Arlene has passed away. But Yvonne, who is much younger, lives on the East coast and remembers growing up cruising around the Sound on Arlevon and spending summers in Oro Bay in the South Sound.

She sent some outstanding pictures of the boat – my favorite one was her father Axel running his hand along the transom for “One Last Check” before she was launched.

a11 axelI’m working on a movie set to “Arlevon” – a really cool song by another former owner, Charlie Rhubart…so stay tuned.

Meanwhile.. Thank you Roy and Edna for a lovely afternoon and hope to see you again!