A Visit to her New Home

Stopped by on my way home from Victoria and finally located Dru and Arlevon in her new home. What deluxe accommodations! Port Angeles is what marinas used to be – friendly, casual, and all about boats instead of yachts.


She’s protected from the weather but still gets to peek out at the sunshine and her neighbors


What a mansion! After so many years of struggling under the tarps, She’s so happy to be able to breathe again!


Dru has the perfect set up with a workshop in the boathouse right across the dock. I offered to man the sandpaper when he has a work party. Anyone else in?




3 thoughts on “A Visit to her New Home

  1. Hello, I am Marcy Morgon, grand daughter of Edith and Axel Fisk. I remember the Arlevon from when I was quite young. My grandparents lived on Wollochet bay and always enjoyed the Puget Sound. Thank you so much for this wonderful site and pictures. I have not seen most of the pictures. My father, (Axel) Roy Fisk just passed away and this site is a wonderful tribute to him as well as my grandfather.
    Thank you,
    Marcy Morgon

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