Charlie and Pam’s memories (c. 1980-1995)

Thank you Charlie and Pam for sharing your wonderful memories.

Click on the first photo to start the slideshow.

We guestimated they owned the boat circa 1980 to 1995

Here is a list of some of the changes/updates/improvements they made
1 Rebuilt Buda engine and added drain tube to pan, and welded a ¾ inch drive
socket to the front of the flywheel to enable the starting of the engine by
cranking it a with a ¾ inch drive ratchet in case of emergency.
2 Removed fuel tanks, cut them open and cleaned the green algae out, welded
them back together and replaced in the boat.
3 Installed new fuel filter system and added a Racor fuel water separator.
4 Rebuilt the steering system and added a provision to connect a tiller on
the rudder shaft in case of emergency.
5 Built and replaced the existing rudder with a balanced rudder.
6 Added a swim step.
7 Removed the chrome trim from the table top and sink area and replace with
raised wood to prevent things from rolling off.
8 Removed the bench at the helm and replaced with it with an adjustable
9 Added a Loran, depth/fish finder, and marine 2way radio.
10 Refastened the bottom.
11 Faired and painted hull above the water line every 5 to 6 years and
painted under the waterline every 2 years with copper base paint and
replaced zincs.
12 Stripped and varnished wood on cabin with 10 coats.
13 Built and attached large cleat on bow and added a roller to help pull the
14 Installed a remote control steering apparatus made from an electric car
window opener.
15 Installed a Dickenson diesel heater.
16 Built seat and cushions in cockpit.
17 Raised cockpit roof and added canvas on sides to close in.
18 Painted interior white over light green. Evidence inside of cabinet doors
showed previous colors had been bright pink, deep turquoise and bright
yellow colors popular in 50’s



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