Her Owners

Got an amazing phone call from Arlevon’s former caretakers Charlie and Pam last week. They owned her for about 15-20 years – longer than I did! Charlie helped fill in a lot of the pieces of the puzzle that were missing….and now we have a new list of previous owners to contact.
Roy, who was the son of Axel Fisk who built her, and his sister Yvonne. The boat was named after Roy’s sisters, Arlene and Yvonne.

2-???? George – who installed the Buda DA engine that was often used to power Navy Captain skiffs in WWII days – click on picture for link to navy whaleboats.

3-Mike Zittel , who owns Zittel Marina in Olympia, another historic maritime family.

4-Mark Papworth (obit. 2003)
Charlie writes: Mark was a forensic archeologist and at one time Chief Deputy Coroner for Thurston County.
We traded a 18 foot Bayliner and one dollar for her. His wife wanted a fast boat and so I took her for a ride at 40 knots and the deal was sealed.  Mark had a buddy that fancied himself as an electrician and I found wires going everywhere and many with no purpose. (Francine writes – boy do I remember those wires – some running through the bilge and under the engine)

5-1980-1995 Charlie and Pam Rhubart

6-1995-1997 Eric Carlson

7-1997-2013 Francine Rose 360 765-4518

8- 2013-Present Dru Thompson

Meanwhile, I am working on Arlevon’s movie. Here are some photo albums from previous owners (click to link)

Charlie and Pam Rhubart
Axel Fisk family (Roy and Yvonne)

As Charlie sez- Viva La Arlevon!!



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