Pre delivery

Check oil level – Change oil if you want.

Hook up battery cables. Check battery fluid levels – make sure batt is charged (I think I have a tester on board)

Fill Diesel tanks (maybe bring some diapers, not sure how many I have on the boat)

Check Coast Guard regs and make sure you have all safety gear – There are life jackets on the boat, but not sure how many

Bring registration

Bring flashlights, tools, (wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, knife)

Bring whatever dingy you are towing – the Stern cleat isn’t installed….please remember to talk to us about this as there are holes under the canvas where it bolts through.

Bring an extra several gallons full of distilled water for the expansion tank in case it needs topping off – it usually does.  Once you fix the fawcett, you can just fill the water tank (in bow) and use the sink.  Remember – the bathroom sink still works so if you need emergency water – use this…

I will give you my charts

I think there are hose clamps on the boat

Port and Starboard portable running lights to clamp to rails on top of house


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