2 part starter

The hand lever operated switch consists of a roller contactor that engages with two independent sets of stationary contacts when moved by the hand operating elever. Dru – I have the original 2 part switch – it was replaced by the red starter button and the switch aft of the batteries Engagement with the first set of contacts completes an independent low voltage circuit to the cranking pinion to mesh with the flywheel gear without exptreme shock.  Engagement of the contactor with the second set of contacts completes the circuits through the magnetic swithch coil, thereby causing the magnetic switch to complete the main circuit for full voltage of the battery to the motor for cranking. When the hand=operated lever is released a spring pulls the contactor to teh off position so that all circuits to the cranking motor and its switches are opened.

starterThe remote crontrolled heavy duty magnetic motor switch That’s the big green thingy under the other two solenoids in the battery box makes and breaks the cranking motor to battery circuit on one side of the line. One contact is stationary and the other contact is on a hinged armature that is normally held out of contact by springs but which is attracted by an operating coil across the line to make contact. Each copper contact is tipped with a special by-metal alloy that prevents fusing together. A series coil energizes a magnetic gap

The starting motor is of the 4 pole series wound direct current type with 4 brush holders located 90 degrees apart. the motor is fitted with an automatic meshing and demeshing drive pinion which engages with the flywheel ring gear wthen the current is applied.



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